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Meet the Line

The Grant Drumline is a combination of orginal members and freshmen. Drummers that can commit to our extremely busy schedule are given the opportunity to actually perform. Please take a moment to meet our line up. To see our past members, click here

Mercy Medicine Crow
I joined because I watched my brother play at the football games here at grant, and I always heard the drums playing. I was like oh they sound really good. I kept on coming to the football games and I kept listening to the drums. So during this summer I told my parents I was going to Africa, and they were like, what? I told them I was joining Drumline.

My name is Ilse Tejeda and i play the base on Grant Drumline. The reason that I entered Grant Drumline is because since I was little I wanted to play the drums. And I saw drumline play and i said "wow i have to be in Grant Drumline".

My name is Lorna Betancourt and I play the snare drum in Grant Drumline. The reason I joined Grant drumline isbecause since I was in 7th grade I’ve been planing to join, and in 8th I saw them play at my middle school. I thought it was inspiring.

Hi my name Aramis Lee Turner I am in the 9th grade I am 14 years old in play the bass drum the reason I joined Grant Drum line .... was because when i was a little kid m y aunt was a cheerleader here a Grant so i went to most of the football and basketball games and i really only went to the games to hear drum line play and then when i was in middle school they came to my school and played there so i decided that i would go to grant to join the !!!GRANT DRUM LINE!!!

La Deija
Hi,my name is La Deija Luckey and im in 10th grade and i play bass drum and i came to drumline because one day a teacher came into my ela class and she said there is drumline try out's in e11 and i did not no anything about drumline but i really just wanted to be apart of something and drumline is like one family and there just so amazing and now im apart of of drumline and im very happy and excited to be apart of it and this is what i continue to be apart of for the rest of my high school years at grant im very thankful to be apart of it.

Hi my name is Adrian Corona Tinoco and i'm in the 9th grade 14 years old and currently play on a snare drum, I started in the eight grade I joined drumline because they came to my old school and performed and since i always had a temptation to play on a drum i joined drumline when i got to high school.

Shaevon Abdullah
My name is Shaevon and I play the snare and the reason why I wanted to be on drumline is because when I was in elementary school and Grant Drumline came to my school and I thought it was pretty cool when they were playing for us. So when I came to Grant and I heard that they were doing tryouts it was was must do and that's why I'm on the Grant Drumline right now

My name is Abigail Reyes and I play the snare drum in Grant Drumline. The reason I joined grant drumline was because when I first saw grant drumline perform at my elementary school it made me curious of how they came up with the beats and songs. So when I got to highschool I made sure I was involved in the grant drumline. I am very excited I am part of the this drumline it’s such a fun, exciting experience to be part of!

My name is Alexis Duran and i play snare drum. The reason i joined drumline was because when i was little i always wanted to play drums, and during middle school they showed us a performance of grant drumline and i remembered that i always wanted to play when i was little so i joined

My name is Harmony Moore, or (Harms) for short. i am 16 years old and a sophomore here at Grant High school. i play the quads on drumline. I had been in our school band my freshman year and always had a desire to join drumline. Now that im actually apart of this amazing experience, i honestly wouldn't trade it for the world. The support from our school and community is not only motivating but knowing that we have Mr. V  who truly believes in every single member of our drumline is mesmerizing. Although i want to join the navy after i graduate  highschool, our pacer family and drumline will always hold a place in my heart. Thanks to Mr. V, music will live on inside me forever. PACERS FOR LIFE!!!!!!

Hi my name is Nardos I'm a bass player on grant's drumine. Since middle school I always thought the songs I heard them playing sounded amazing. I never imagined myself to be part of something so amazing but I'm glad that I joined.

Ashley Lopez
My name is Ashley Lopez and I play the base dru at Grant drumline. The reason that I entered drumline was because they went to go play at my elementary school and I since that day it was just so fantastic to play here at Grant drumline.

Hi, my name is Soriah Lee I am a 9th grader I'm currently 14 years old I play the bass drum and I joined drum line because when I was younger my sisters cheer leaded and I would always see drum line playing I though it was really cool so i told myself when I get to grant i'm going to be on drum line. Also I liked the beats that they made how serious they were and the whole line was in pocket and it was just amazing.

Isabel Lorta
Isabel Lorta, I'm in 9th grade and I play the snare. The reason I joined drumline was for many reasons. Mainly because I saw them when the went and performed at my school,mlk, and I just knew I had to be apart of drumline. The beat and the flow of it all really caught my attention. I never knew Grant had a drumline until they preformed and I went on YouTube to look them up. To my surprise I was fascinated with all that they did. So when I heard that there were try outs I went.

Kailani Sanders
Hello, My name is Kailani

Hello, My name is Mua

Jomaria Mackey
My name is Jomaria Mackey I play base the reason why I join drum line is because I wanted to do something when I'm in highschool and when I heard the the things drum line did I wanted to do the samething

Mecca Scott
Hey there I'm Mecca Scott. Im a 10th grader at grant high. I play the bass drum but Im not really that good at the dances "OwO. I chose to be on drum line for many reasons but the main reason is because I simply like drums. I've always been fond of drums. Alsowhen I started sophomore year I got to play bass for a little beginning of the year rally type event.

Angel Vang
Hi my name is Angel. I'm a bass player but I'm trying out every thing like snare, quads, and keyboard. I've thought that I would go through high school just seeing drumline here and there, but I've never thought that I would ever join.

Hello, My name is Ezavion Coner I am 14 I play snare drum on grant drumline.When I get off drumline I would like to see improvement. I joined drumline when I was in 7th grade. I was the youngest drummer. I started off with bass.And I just want to get better and better in drumline.

Hi my name is Demarri Richards I play bass in snare, in I've been playing drums for two years. I also been on the DRUMLINE for two years this year its about to be my third year playing drums n being on the DRUMLINE.

DRUMLINE is a big goal for me. It keeps you off the streets and it makes your family proud cause they see you doing something with your life.

So when I'm gone I want the future drummers to know DRUMLINE is something you can do with your life. You just have to be a great leader.

Hello, My name is Samina.

Hello, My name is Marcio.

My name is Cynthia Nava. I am a freshman. I play the bass drum. I joined drumline because it looked fun and i wanted to do something with my four years at guhs. One thing i like about being in drumline is its nice to be in it and its fun.

Hello there my name Is Myia Williams Kaiser. I am a Senior class of 2016. I joined the drumline because I have the passion and love for music. I have a little brother who goes to Michael J. Castori Elementary and I have a little sister who also goes to Grant Union High School who is a sophomore. When I graduate i want to go to Grambling State University, HOME OF THE TIGERS, and major in Biology and come back to Grant Union High School to teach students Biology. PACERS FOR LIFE!!!!

T.A.P Advisor
Mr. Van Buren
aka Mr. V