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Meet the Line

The Grant Drumline is a combination of orginal members and freshmen. Drummers that can commit to our extremely busy schedule are given the opportunity to actually perform. Please take a moment to meet our line up. To see our past members, click here

My name is Aramis. I am in the 11th grade and I am 17 years young .I play the bass drum and the keyboards. The reason I wanted to join Grant Drumline is because I have always had an affinity towards music,and wanted to see if I could actually do something musically.

Hello my name is Adelina. I play the snare drum. I first seen them perform at my middle school Rio Tierra. I was interested and wanted to learn how to play an intrument, so i joined the Drumline my Freshman year.

My name is Raeonna, I’m 17 years old, I’m currently a Junior in Grant Union High School, and I’m a bass player on Grant Drumline. I’ve always been inspired in music every since I was a very young and always wanted to be in some type of Band. One day, Grant Union High school came to my middle school, they brought drumline and they sounded good and looked fun to do. In my sophomore year, I tried out for drumline and made it within 5 months. At first, I never knew how to play nothing and every since I been on Grant Drumline, I’ve managed to know to play all instruments.

My name is Annette Palms and I am in the 11th grade. I play the bass on Grant Drumline. I joined drumline because I’m really into music and I love how the bass grabs people’s attention.

Hey, my name is Carolyn Brodie-Wilson.I'm a 15 year old sophomore, and I play all instruments (expect bass) however I'm currently a snare player.The reason why I joined the infamous Grant Drumline is because I have always had a deep passion for music and I guess I was just natural in creating music, that and I also admired them since I was very little so joining was an absolute must for me.

Hi my name is Ajani Everhart. I am 15 years old I'm on Grant Drum Line. I currently play Bass and Keyboards. The reason I joined this Drum Line is because Mr.V said that it would be a good idea and i agreed that Drum Line is a good idea and if will be a good experience.

Hi My name is Dony’e Williams and I am a 10th grand and currently plays the quads and bass for the Grant drumline. My main reason for joining the Grant drumline was because I’ve always felt apart of the drumline ever since my uncles Nicodemus and Timothy Pipkins took me to their practices and let me play. Ever since drumline has always been something I always knew I wanted to do.

Alexis R.
Hi, my name is Alexis Rodriguez, I’m 16 years old, I’m a sophomore, and I am a snare player on Grant Drumline. I found out about Grant Drumline when they came to my elementary school and ever since I watched them perform, I knew I wanted to join. when I got to high school as a freshman I joined as soon as I could.

My name is Jaida Channel and I am 16 in 11th grade and I play bass drum on grant drumline i joined drumline because i always thought it looked really fun and i had alot of time on my hands and I'm really happy that I joined .

My name is Aniyah Santana and I’m in the 10th grade I play the snare drum for drumline.The reason I joined Drumline is,I was at a Football game one night and I seen drumline was performing at the game so I told myself I’m going to join drumline when I get to grant.

Hi, My name is Jonathan Johnson and I play Snare and Bass. The reason I joined Grant Drum Line is because when they came to my Middle School I thought that they were really good and it seemed fun. I didn’t join my freshman year but when I became a Sophomore.

Hello my name is Uriah I play the snare here a grant. The reason I joined Drumline was because I wanted to be envloed in something that I found fun which tie me was music and so I decided that’s joning Drumline was something I was going to do.

T.A.P Advisor
Mr. Van Buren
aka Mr. V